Tips and Tricks for Making Healthy Eating Fun for Kids

It is not always easy to get kids to eat healthy foods. The key to success is making the foods fun to eat. There are tips and tricks you can use to make healthy eating fun for kids.
Let’s start with vegetables. Most kids do not like vegetables and if they do, they only like one or two of them. Let’s look at some fun ideas to turn a vegetable into a fun snack or part of a meal.


  • Creative idea – Fill the center of the celery with peanut butter (extra protein) then place a few raisins or nuts on top of the peanut butter. You no longer have just a piece of celery; you have a new creation that you can call “ants on a log.” This trick has been used for years and more importantly, it works even on the pickiest of little eaters.
  • Dip those veggies – Try offering your child a selection of dips, unless they have a favorite already, you can even use peanut butter. Make them a colorful plate of vegetables, set the dip in the center of the plate, and let them dip the vegetables. If they do not like dip then make peanut butter sandwiches out of cucumber slices, green and red peppers, or any other vegetable that you can place a thin line of peanut butter on. You can also try using a small amount of jelly to add more flavors to the vegetables.
  • If all else fails, then you will have to trick them. A great way to do that is with mashed potatoes. You can use carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, summer or winter squash, just about any vegetable you can puree. Mix the vegetable in with the potatoes and depending on the color of the vegetable, which is what the color of your potatoes will come out as. Give each color potato a fun name. For example, if the potatoes are green, you can call them grass potatoes. Alternatively, if your child has a favorite character that is red, and then call them by that character’s name. For example, if your child likes Sponge Bob then make yellow potatoes and call them Sponge Bob Potatoes.


  • Most children like fruits because they are sweet. However, if your child does not like fruit, you can try dipping them with peanut butter and/or jelly. Or give the apple slice or pear slice a face using a tiny amount of chocolate syrup and a few (3 or 4) sprinkles.
  • If your child refuses to eat it, then hide the fruit in a milkshake or a smoothie. You can also hide a lot of fruits inside pancakes. Just puree a small amount and mix it in the batter.
  • There are a lot of foods the children do not like and if all else fails, hide the food in one of their favorite foods. If your kids love spaghetti, hide the food they do not like in the sauce. Make a soup with lots of fun shaped noodles cut the vegetables or meat up into microscopic pieces and stick them in there.

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Mongo Loves to go to the AppyMall

Mongo woke up today realizing that he hasn’t added any new games to his iPad in a while.  After searching online, he found that there were too many websites talking about apps, but none that actually were designed to recommend apps just for him.

He recently got a sneak peek at the new AppyMall, and Mongo was ecstatic!  He can browse apps by age, category, and learning goal.  He can also do a simple search like, “healthy eating game” and view more games to help him eat better.

Another really cool feature are custom pages that can be created by teachers!  Now Mongo can download all the apps that his teacher recommends!

Mongo is happy now that he has an AppyMall to hang out in, and it will help him find more great educational apps to play with!

Mongo and the squishy donut

Squish…  Mongo accidentally stepped on a donut!  The jelly filling oozed out and Mongo’s feet got really sticky.  Mongo started walking home slowly because his feet kept sticking to the ground.  As he was walking, he noticed a trail of ants following him!  At first he thought they were his friends, but then realized that the ants were crawling all over his feet and eating the sugary jelly.

He started feeling some bites, “Ouch!” Mongo exclaimed!  He started running back home after that so that the ants don’t crawl up his pants!

When he got home, he quickly washed his feet and found an app for his iPad called “Smash Your Food”.  In it, he was able to smash donuts, soda, fries, and all sorts of treats.  So he pulled the lever on the smashing machine and it smashed the donut.  Jelly filling oozed out, just like when he stepped on the donut!  However, this time, he found out there were a total of 5 sugar cubes worth of sugar in 1 donut!  No wonder Mongo gets sick whenever he eats donuts!  That is too much sugar for an average orange monster like Mongo!

After learning about this, Mongo vowed to never eat donuts again, even though sometimes he gets a sweet tooth, it is better for Mongo to eat an apple rather than a donut.

Post your favorite summer healthy food in the What Should Mongo Eat? Competition, hosted by Technology in Education for a chance to win Mongo Plush toys and free apps!

You can also smash your food by downloading the Smash Your Food iPad App.

Mongo’s Trash Troubles

Mongo is a happy go lucky character, but sometimes he can be really lazy.  He likes to sleep until late and has a habit of eating!  Sometimes, he forgets to throw away his trash and it all piles up!

One day, Mongo lost one of his stars!  He thought that the evil Pirate Jai-yo Jai-yo Mongo took it, but then he saw a flash from under a pile of garbage in Mongo’s house.

So he knew the star was lost under Mongo’s pile of garbage, so Mongo started digging.  He threw wrappers, fruit peels, cans, bottles, all over the room and finally he saw the missing star.  He was so happy to find his star again, but the star was not happy with Mongo.

He got lost in Mongo’s garbage on his way to the bathroom, and couldn’t find his way out.  He had to pee really bad!

So Mongo quickly got him to the bathroom, and after he was through, the star showed Mongo 3 bins.  One was a black bin for trash, one bin was blue for recycling, and one bin was green for compost.  He told Mongo that he would help him sort all of this garbage and put it in the right bins so he can have a clean house again!

So they started off by looking at all organic things like apples cores, orange peels, banana peels, and put them in the green compost bin.  Since these things are organic, they can go back into the earth after they have been composted.

Next they looked at the cans, bottles, and paper items.  The star found a can of soda and looked at Mongo disapprovingly.  Mongo knew that soda was bad for him but he was just so tempted by the fizzy bubbles.  Mongo agreed not to drink any more soda and drink more water instead.  Mongo also had lots of notebook paper in there, where he was making some doodles.  They took all of these and put them in the blue recycle bin.

By the time they were through, they saw that the house was almost clean!  Only a cardboard juicebox and some batteries remained that they threw in the black trash bin.

Wow, now that wasn’t so bad now was it!  Now Mongo and the star looked at the room with glee as it was so clean!  Mongo loved learning about recycling, and to keep reminding himself, he played the fun game, Trash Chaos, on his iPad!  You can also learn to recycle by downloading this game here.

Mongo Fights Pirates!

Last week, Mongo received an email from the President that read:

Mongo!  It looks like a pirate has stolen all of your golden stars!  Come to Washington D.C. and lets get your stars back together!


The President

Mongo quickly packed his bags, he didn’t even realize his golden stars got stolen.  He jumped on a plane to meet with the President.

While in Washington D.C., he found out that the pirate was out in China, and both he and the President charted a course to the other side of the world to get back his golden stars.

Mongo and the President sailed for days to get to China, and as each day passed, Mongo kept getting more upset about losing his golden stars.

Then suddenly, they heard a loud bang!  It was a cannonball headed their way!  Mongo ran to get his baseball bat, and with all of his strength, Mongo hit the cannonball, that launched back in the air.

A few seconds later we heard a loud “ouch!”, and as the smoke cleared, Mongo saw a creature that looked a lot like him, except he had an eye patch and a hook on his hand.  He was surely a pirate!

The pirate stood up again and said, “Yaar!  I am Jai-yo Jai-yo Mongo, and I have all of your golden stars!”

The President responded by saying, “Jai-yo Jai-yo Mongo, give back Mongo’s golden stars, or we will destroy your boat!”

“Ha ha ha!  Never!  I am using Mongo’s golden stars to make even more stars for myself!” said Jai-yo Jai-yo Mongo, the pirate.

Mongo then loaded up some vegetables into the cannon and started shooting them at the pirate ship.  The pirates ran scared as they hated vegetables!

Then finally, a cauliflower hit Jai-yo Jai-yo Mongo in the head, and he looked and took a bite.  At first he didn’t like the taste, but he took another bite.  “Mmmmm, what is this?!?!?!”

The President then said, “It is Cauliflower, and if you like it then we will trade you cauliflower if you return Mongo’s golden stars.”

The pirate said, “Okay, I will give you back Mongo’s golden stars in exchange for your Cauliflower, because I have already made more stars from Mongo’s original golden stars!

“Okay, shoot over all of Mongo’s golden stars and we will send over the Cauliflower.  Please promise to never steal Mongo’s golden stars again!” said the President.

The pirate sent over all of Mongo’s golden stars, and Mongo sent over some Cauliflower for the pirates to enjoy.  Then Mongo and the President sailed away, and to light the night sky, Mongo threw his golden stars up into the sky, relieved that he has his golden stars back.  The stars danced in the sky, burning brighter than ever to guide back Mongo and the President to the United States.

Mongo’s App of the Week: Elmo Calls







It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, and Mongo was in a sad mood because he couldn’t go outside to play.  As Mongo lazily moped around his house Mongo’s iPhone started ringing.  Who could it be?   The caller ID said Elmo!  Mongo suddenly cheered up and answered the call, it was a Facetime call with Elmo, Mongo’s favorite red friend.

Elmo said hi in his silly way, and then he told Mongo a joke about Cookie Monster!  After Mongo stopped giggling, Elmo blew his nose and it sounded like a trumpet!  Mongo continued to roll on the floor laughing.

Mongo laughed so hard, he started crying.  So he quickly wiped his tears of joy, and waved goodbye to Elmo.  He looked out the window and all of a sudden, the sun came out, and finally, Mongo was able to go outside and play.  Thanks Elmo for cheering up Mongo, it turned out to be a great day after all!

This app is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, and is a $0.99 download.  The app does have in-App purchases but hides it from the child’s reach by using a clever parent’s button that you need to slide to the right to view the in-app purchases.

You can download Elmo Calls from the iTunes App Store and works best with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s (devices that have the front facing camera).

Go Go Mongo! ABC Soup










Go Go Mongo! ABC Soup is an alphabet game for toddlers and preschoolers. Mongo is back for a new adventure, and now he wants to eat ABC Soup! Learn the alphabets by having Mongo eat soup letters falling from the sky. This game teaches children their alphabets through fun and immersive gameplay. Any time Mongo eats the correct letter, he becomes happy. When he eats the wrong letter, he gets sick.Go Go Mongo! ABC Soup was designed with the idea that “keeping it simple” is often a more effective learning environment for young children. The current version is appropriate for ages two to four years.

Finger Food Monday?! – Thanksgiving Edition

Although we usually call this segment of our blog “Finger Food Friday,” the Go Go Mongo Team has been busy traveling and planning for this years big day :)

As you gear up for the most beloved FOOD holiday of the year – Thanksgiving!  This year, when you’re busy whipping up a yummy feast, let your kids feel like they are involved with the planning too.  Imagine how nice some of these would look on the dessert table :)

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving with delicious FOOD and beloved family and friends :)

Tommy the Turkey –

Turkey Fruit Snack by Mom Endeavors

Family Fun – Fruit Kabobs

Family Fun – Gobble Me Up

Reminder: Important to clean your kitchen before and after you use it especially your kitchen utensils and equipments. If you have grease trap installed then clean it. Best to clean it from a pro for proper cleaning.

Finger Food Fridays – Caterpillars

Are you ready for the weekend!  I know Mongo is!  Kids love it when you read to them.  Mongo reccommends one of his favorite books, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle.  Just like Mongo, the very hungry caterpillar is always hungry.  He loves eating FRUITS and when the caterpillar eats sweets, he gets sick, just like Mongo!  Finally, the little caterpillar eats leaves (VEGETABLES for insects), he feels better again.  What are you waiting for?  Round up the kids, read them the story and let’s do a fun activity together!

Making caterpillars with your food is the easiest thing.  You can make them with fruits, vegetables, bread and cheese, or even pancakes!  You can use anything you already have in your kitchen.  This activity will teach your child about different shapes, colors, and how to arrange their food into a pattern.  Hep your child identify the foods and how it could help them grow into big and strong butterflies!  Who said you shouldn’t play with your food?  We’re all about making food fun.  So get ready, here’s a list of things you will need:

  • cut up fruits or vegetables
  • raisens, blueberries, cranberries, etc. for eyes
  • bread, slices of cheese and lunch meat
  • toothpicks, or wooden skwers

Get creative! This caterpillar is made out of bananas, apples, and raisins, but you can also use grapes, strawberries, even cantaloupe! Don’t be shy, explore different shapes and colors to make this more fun!

Think “Caterpillar Sandwich”! You can use whole wheat bread, turkey meat, cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers to make this sandwich.

Have fun Saturday morning making these cute pancakes. Add some color by adding some cut up fruit.

The possibilities are endless.  Share your caterpillar creations and Mongo will see which one is his favorite.

If you don’t have The Very Hungry Caterpillar, here’s a link to order yours today, or you can always go to your local friendly public library.  You can also watch this video here  🙂

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle on YouTube

Clean your kitchen before and after you use it. Especially kitchen utensils and equipments. If you have kitchen hood and grease trap, best to clean it from a pro. You can call grease trap service philadelphia.

Mongo Helps Feed America

Mongo has paired up with Madlov to help donate to a cause Mongo loves, Feeding America: Hunger-Relief Charity.  Now you can help Mongo feed 8 children when you pre-order a Go Go Mongo Plushie!

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  • A starving child lacks the ability to learn, becomes a less productive citizen, and is more likely to live in poverty as an adult
  • 14 million children are served by Feeding America, 3 million of which are under 5-years-old
  • 20% or more of the child population in 40 states and D.C. lived in food insecure households in 2009. The District of Columbia (32.3%) and Oregon (29.2%) had the highest rates of children in households without consistent access to food.


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