About Us

Go Go Mongo!, which was originally launched at Startup Weekend Bay Area 2010 as an English language game, is currently one of the leading kids healthy eating-focused brands in the mobile marketplace. The Go Go Mongo! team is a rag-tag team of artists, game developers and business guys obsessed with making fun games for kids. The company is driven by the vision of inspiring kids to reach for cauliflower and beyond.


Mongo is a curious creature born from the imaginations of over one hundred children, whose feedback and observations contributed to his development. Drawing inspiration from the claymation cartoon, Pengu, Mongo is a “silent character” whose personality is elicited through a somewhat goofy, happy-go-lucky disposition that can be observed throughout the game as he moves back and forth, often getting distracted by the stars in the sky. Naturally attracted to sugary foods, the objective for the players is to help Mongo avoid these foods and instead choose fruits and vegetables.

Ahmed Siddiqui – “The Numbers Guy”

After countless years of slaving away for an evil corporation, Ahmed decided to cut loose and start his own gig. Realizing that the educational system of today hadn’t moved an inch in terms of technological progression since the Middle Ages, Ahmed decided to take it upon himself to push our way of learning into the 21st Century and beyond! Special Powers: Statistics, Market Research, and uhh…more boring stuff.


 Dhiren Patel – “The Lunch Buddy”

Fresh out of college, Dhiren stumbled into the real world with high hopes and expectations. Unfortunately for Dhiren, Destiny had other plans for him. But he remained stout and determined to not follow where his ancestors have toiled for centuries. He had no desire to work at 7 Eleven or solve people’s computer problems via telephone. So he joined forces with Ahmed on his mad quest to update the educational system. Special Powers: Marketing, Pitches, and the ability to make food vanish into thin air.


Jajeev Nithiananda – “The Starving Artist”

Not much is known about this reclusive and mysterious stranger. There have been eye witness accounts of someone matching his description buying copious amounts of jalapenos and curry at the local supermarket from time to time. Others have observed him scratching away at a magical drawing device attached to a computer. Who is he? What does he do? What is he scheming? Nobody really knows… Special Powers: Illustration, Ideas, and sneaking around like a ninja.

Josh Dovishaw – “The Bunny”

Don’t be fooled by his innocent, childish demeanor. Josh is a beast. At least with a computer. He is the brain that makes our games function and spark to life. His steadfast fingers smash across keyboard keys a thousand times over. His mastery of zeroes and ones is unmatched. And let’s not forget the bunny hat. Give him as much as a dirty look and he’ll slap you silly with his powerful bunny hat ears. Special Powers: Programming, Infinite Anime Wisdom and Bunny Ear Hat Kung Fu.


Justin Kelley – “The Party Guy”

Schmoozing is Justin’s game. Nobody does it better. If you need someone to talk to about the good ol’ days of gaming, Justin is your man. Whoever says gamers are anti-social clearly have never met Mr. Kelley. Exuding charm, wit, and the musty odors, Justin is the life of the party. He keeps the team motivated and is just plain fun to hang around with. Special Powers: Illustration, Socializing, and consuming large quantities Apple Cider.


Michael McGee – “The Rock Star”

Give him any instrument and he can play it. Michael specializes in jamming out to punk funk music with lots of weirdness. Don’t let his new haircut deceive you, he’s been known to have rock star super long hair. When he’s not jamming out or creating new tunes, he loves to paint. Before joining the Mongo team, he created crazy beats for Super Mario, Inspector Gadget, and even Pee Wee! Special Powers: Hypnosis through unforgettable beats, and the power of surprise though unexpected sounds.