Mongo Fights Pirates!

Last week, Mongo received an email from the President that read:

Mongo!  It looks like a pirate has stolen all of your golden stars!  Come to Washington D.C. and lets get your stars back together!


The President

Mongo quickly packed his bags, he didn’t even realize his golden stars got stolen.  He jumped on a plane to meet with the President.

While in Washington D.C., he found out that the pirate was out in China, and both he and the President charted a course to the other side of the world to get back his golden stars.

Mongo and the President sailed for days to get to China, and as each day passed, Mongo kept getting more upset about losing his golden stars.

Then suddenly, they heard a loud bang!  It was a cannonball headed their way!  Mongo ran to get his baseball bat, and with all of his strength, Mongo hit the cannonball, that launched back in the air.

A few seconds later we heard a loud “ouch!”, and as the smoke cleared, Mongo saw a creature that looked a lot like him, except he had an eye patch and a hook on his hand.  He was surely a pirate!

The pirate stood up again and said, “Yaar!  I am Jai-yo Jai-yo Mongo, and I have all of your golden stars!”

The President responded by saying, “Jai-yo Jai-yo Mongo, give back Mongo’s golden stars, or we will destroy your boat!”

“Ha ha ha!  Never!  I am using Mongo’s golden stars to make even more stars for myself!” said Jai-yo Jai-yo Mongo, the pirate.

Mongo then loaded up some vegetables into the cannon and started shooting them at the pirate ship.  The pirates ran scared as they hated vegetables!

Then finally, a cauliflower hit Jai-yo Jai-yo Mongo in the head, and he looked and took a bite.  At first he didn’t like the taste, but he took another bite.  “Mmmmm, what is this?!?!?!”

The President then said, “It is Cauliflower, and if you like it then we will trade you cauliflower if you return Mongo’s golden stars.”

The pirate said, “Okay, I will give you back Mongo’s golden stars in exchange for your Cauliflower, because I have already made more stars from Mongo’s original golden stars!

“Okay, shoot over all of Mongo’s golden stars and we will send over the Cauliflower.  Please promise to never steal Mongo’s golden stars again!” said the President.

The pirate sent over all of Mongo’s golden stars, and Mongo sent over some Cauliflower for the pirates to enjoy.  Then Mongo and the President sailed away, and to light the night sky, Mongo threw his golden stars up into the sky, relieved that he has his golden stars back.  The stars danced in the sky, burning brighter than ever to guide back Mongo and the President to the United States.