Plan a Trip to the Apple Orchard

Did you know, one hour of picking APPLES burns 208 calories? So get ready because MONGO is going to tell you all the fun things you need to know before you go to your local APPLE orchard this fall.

  • APPLES are:
    • Fat free
    • Sodium free
    • Cholesterol free

A medium sized APPLE is about 80 calories

The only way to tell if an APPLES is ripe is to take a little nibble

APPLES come in a variety of COLORS
dark green, yellow, pink, orange, bright red, dark red, or even a COMBINATION.

The best way to pick an APPLE is place your palm all the way around the firm , unbruised APPLE and gently twist and pull downwards. Place the APPLE lightly in your bag or basket. APPLES are a very delicate fruit. Once bruised, it rots quicker.

Once you’ve picked your APPLES, make sure to ask the farmers which ones are the best to eat.

APPLES are very versatile. You can freeze them, bake them, can them, make them into APPLE cider and make them into so many recipies. MONGO especially likes to eat APPLE pie!

Find an APPLE orchard near you at

MONGO would like to know, what’s your favorite APPLE recipe??

This post was written By Fareesa